Why Bonyan?

Higher-Quality Solutions

For almost every company operating in the digital age, data is the fuel necessary for being operationally efficient and competitive in the marketplace. But in order to make those things a reality, having the data quick enough to act on it and make well-informed decisions is of the utmost importance; and that all starts with a high-quality Business Intelligence solution.

Better People


We focus solely on Data. We do one thing, and we do it well.


With delivering world-class solutions to customer, we have unmatched knowledge and insight.


We continuously train our experts on the Business Intelligence tools and technologies we use to develop projects.

Better Processes

The second ingredient to delivering higher-quality solutions is utilizing a unique and proven methodology specifically designed for Business Intelligence projects. We us a methodology that combines experiences, best practices and Business Intelligence to:


A methodology that manages every aspect of the project implementation phases and that has been specifically designed to enhance Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing project delivery.


Key project metrics including measuring the progress of scheduled deliverables and milestones, assessing and abating the list of risks and issues, and tracking the time and cost investment of the project.


The final solution should be rigorously tested across multiple areas (integration, system, data quality, performance, etc.) And should have a complete solution guide that is supported by a warranty.

The Quality First Approach

In the Business Intelligence sector like other IT sectors more and more companies are turning to development options to reduce cost and maintain productivity. But most who travel down this path quickly find that lowering cost while ensuring quality is difficult to accomplish, especially in the highly specialized technology areas of Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing. The most effective way to avoid this problem is to develop specialized expertise first (quality) and then to identify areas to lower cost (savings).