Mobile Telecommunication Company of Iran (MCI) also known under its brand name Hamrah-e-Avval is Iran’s first and largest mobile phone network operator. MCI is a subsidiary of the Telecommunication Company of Iran and it has over 16 million postpaid and over 18 million prepaid subscribers.

CSG Interconnect Billing Managed Services

Interconnect is the process of handling calls for other service providers. This allows the customers of one service provider to communicate with the customers of another service provider. Bonyan’s been successfully providing CSG Interconnect Billing Managed Services in MCI.

Interconnect Traffic Reconciliation

Reconciliation is an critical, control that ensures the financial integrity of any business. Huge volumes of invoices pour in every day and each vendor or supplier usually wants paying ASAP. Bonyan has implemented Traffic Reconciliation in MCI and it’s been supporting by our company.

Interconnect Traffic Reporting and Analytics

With Business Intelligence experts, our Customers will get expert solutions every time. Traffic Reporting and Analytics is a facility to provide every possible information from Interconnect Billing Managed Services to MCI.

Content Partner Management

For Telecom Operators keen to profit from new IP/Content Services, CPM enables timely & accurate settlement with a wide variety of carrier and non-carrier partners. Bonyan delivers Content Partner Management which strengthens MCI’s position in the content value-chain by Maximizing wholesale revenues by helping to attract and retain the best partners who are able to deliver popular and profitable content.