promotion management

Bonyan System provides you with the necessary freedom and flexibility when it comes to designing sales, discount and cross-selling campaigns. With the Bonyan Promotions Management and the short time-to-market spans it allows for, you are always one step ahead of your competitors.

A highly flexible promotions engine with a multi-level price list matrix, various different discount options and cross-selling functions enables you to quickly launch the desired campaigns. Flexible product combinations and variants provide you with a great level of freedom in regard to creating special offers. In addition to that, the integrated management information system gives you real-time access to all shop activities and sales records in order to evaluate a campaign’s progress.


  • Comprehensive promotions management
  • Flexible realization of your sales campaigns
  • Real-time access to all store and transaction data
  • Quick implementation of new business requirements
  • Article sets and product-service bundles
  • Reduced time-to-market
  • Creativity in regard to realizing campaigns

Bonyan System channel management software empowers centralized control your own store network and all your indirect channels such as franchises and partner stores. It provides the omni-channel connectors to seamlessly interlink your stores with your online channels and all other customer touchpoints such as your service centers.


  • A channel management software for extensive control of multiple sales channels within one retail management solution
  • Full control over own stores, retail franchises and partner shops
  • Real-time insights and control over franchise products, promotions, sales and inventories
  • Autonomous franchisee operations
  • Omni-channel processes such as click & collect, online purchase with goods return at a store and home delivery
  • Cross-channel replenishment and fulfillment
  • Unique data management and workflows across all customer touchpoints

constitutes a unified commerce solution, based on an agile business platform and an integrated franchise management system.

Omni-Channel Connectors

Implementing an omni-channel-enabled retail solution poses an essential prerequisite for a consistent customer experience, regardless of which channel your customers choose to buy your products. Bonyan System Retail creates a unified commerce solution by linking and harmonizing your digital and physical selling worlds.

Your benefits

  • Seamless workflows across all customer touchpoints (POS, eCommerce, service center, etc.)
  • Profit from a unified view on customer behavior, orders, inventory, pricing, loyalty, etc.
  • Offer omni-channel processes such as click & collect, same-day delivery, etc.
  • Gain revenue due to cross-channel sales, consultative selling and new customer service offerings
  • Accurate and consistent real-time information about products, services and customers
  • On-demand fulfillment (same-day delivery, click & collect, online purchase with goods return at a store)

Direct Channel

Professional retail management requires a flexible central management system for all different sales regions and channels. The requirements range from maximum scalability and high flexibility up to the system’s ability to adapt to constantly changing retail structures. Especially in times in which an omni-channel approach is essential, it is of major importance to remove all obstacles in regard to opening up new distribution channels, changing branch structures or market consolidations. With These Store Management you are able to master all these challenges.

Apart from its unlimited scalability and high level of flexibility, Bonyan Store Management also offers central/regional management of all your branches, POS workstations and master data as well as central/regional steering of and control over all sales transactions and goods movements. By supporting localization and worldwide fiscalization requirements we perfectly support you in opening up new sales regions and engaging in new business models—of course always keeping your store management under centralized control.

Thanks to its multi-language and multi-currency support as well as its unlimited scalability, Bonyan Store Management is perfect for internationally operating enterprises with an extended branch network and different sales regions.


  • One system for global operations (high scalability)
  • Central administration of large retail networks
  • Perfect for enterprises with extensive branch structures and large sales regions
  • Meets international fiscal requirements
  • Multi-language and multi-currency support
  • High flexibility and adaptability to ongoing organizational changes
  • Comprehensive user management via user roles

Indirect Channel

CSPs constantly aim to improve their competitive positioning by incorporating the right mix of owned and franchise/partner stores. NTS Retail allows them to combine both worlds within one solution—both from a backoffice as well as from a frontoffice perspective. It provides comprehensive management and monitoring functions for franchise headquarters, while offering autonomous store & data management for franchise partners.

Franchise Channel

Comprehensive management and monitoring functions for headquarter employees combined with autonomous administration for franchise partners—is that even possible?

Yes, absolutely. NTS Retail Franchise Management offers all functionalities that enterprises with extended franchise structures are looking for. It allows you to manage all your distribution channels from within one system. Both the article range of the franchisor as well as the franchisee’s are combined, sold together but automatically billed separately.

Thanks to an elaborate user rights concept, the NTS Retail Suite can easily be adapted to meet your individual franchise requirements.

Partner Channel

NTS Retail is used by numerous enterprises with extensive branch structures and partner networks. The extent to which each partner is granted access to your company’s internal IT systems may vary from case to case. Within the course of many projects, we have implemented many different concepts and various connection forms for partner stores.

Regardless of which form you decide to go for and how much access to your IT systems you wish to provide them with, we always support you in finding a suitable solution and let you profit from our long years of experience.

Because only with a perfect integration of you partner channels are you able to offer cross-channel processes that allow for a continuous brand experience as well as best customer service.


  • Cross-channel processes
  • Connection between direct and indirect sales channels
  • Continuous customer service
  • Autonomous administration for franchisees
  • Separate declaration of taxes on customer receipts
  • Automatic generation of separate receipts for franchisor and non-franchisor articles
  • Provision of franchise data records by headquarter employees
  • Special handling of franchise articles


Omni-Channel Fulfillment

The telco retail store becomes the central element in a connected customer journey. It will increasingly be acting as fulfillment and return centers for eCommerce and mobile channels. NTS Retail covers 100% of telco specific inventory management and fulfillment processes “out-of-the-box”. It provides full visibility on stock levels and goods flows across your direct, indirect and online channels. It guarantees flexible and efficient goods fulfillment across your omni-channel environment.

Omni-Channel Fulfillment

The retail store will continue to be the hub of omni-channel fulfillment and customer engagement. More and more cross-channel shopping processes are carried out in the stores-they will increasingly be acting as fulfillment and return centers for online orders.

NTS Retail provides a holistic view on cross-channel orders and inventory data in real-time and thus allows fulfillment of omni-channel shopping processes such as reservations, ordering, shipping and returns directly in the store.

Your benefits

  • 360° visibility on inventory and customer orders -> precise demand forecasting
  • Support of omni-channel processes such as click & collect, same-day delivery, etc.
  • Seamless tracking of cross-channel goods movements
  • Unique management of own products & consignment goods
  • On-demand fulfillment
  • Consistent real-time information for employees and customers about product availability
  • Store Inventory Management 


    • Accurate inventory balance -> reduce stocktaking costs and improve on-shelf availability
    • Seamlessly integrate supply chain & fulfillment processes with sales / POS
    • Autonomous inventory management for franchise partners
    • Designed for international retail organizations with various sales channels
    • Order functionality
    • Stock postings
    • Mobile stockcount solution
    • Customer reservations and direct delivery option
    • Overview of all pending, overdue, advised and partially delivered orders
    • Goods receipt via digital delivery note (DBOD)
    • Easy handling of shop-to-shop transfers
    • Reprinting of receipts for and cancellation of goods movements
    • Serial number status overview
    • Access to stock levels across all stores